We provide an economical and time-efficient way for students who wish to learn to play piano and sing to combine their lessons in a number of ways. Students may do so all in the same lesson, splitting up the time, vary lessons weekly, or take more than one lesson per week. Any combination is feasible.

It is a great way for children or adults to be exposed to a variety of opportunities, and to discover where their natural affinities lie. Combination piano & voice lessons help provide a more cohesive understanding of note reading and music theory as it is applied to both disciplines.

Our Combination Piano & Voice Teachers

Combination lessons also make a great gift when one isn’t sure what instrument will appeal to the receiver.

Who takes combination lessons?

• Singers who want to accompany themselves on piano
• Pianists who want to add singing to their resume
• People who are exploring their options and want to get a taste of a variety of instruments
• Composers & songwriters

Suzanne Lukather (Orange Heights, Pasadena, CA & Online)
Lori Moran (Orlando, FL & Online) 

Combination Piano & Voice Lessons