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Guitar Lessons...for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level students in guitar, mandolin, and dobro (Hawaiian steel guitar)

• Improve and build your understanding of the guitar, dobro or mandolin.

• Learn proper technique, whether playing classical, folk, rock, or whatever style you wish. 

• Learn strumming patterns and finger picking patterns.

• Work with exercises designed to speed your facility with both strumming chords and 'lead' melodic style playing.

• Work with exercises designed to make your fingers more accurate and stronger.

• Learn note reading and tablature.

• Learn to play your favorite songs from Nirvana to your favorite folk song or Christmas Carol.

• Learn new chords and the neck which allow you to create your own chords and find 'what you hear' in your head on the neck.

Guitar (Fingerstyle, Bottleneck, Classical) / Violin / Mandolin / Dobro Instructor:

Korey Simeone (Mid-Wilshire Studio & In your home)

(beginners, intermediate, advanced)