9 Tips for Building Your Musical Theatre "Audition Book"

So, you've got your vocal technique down - you've mastered diaphragmatic breathing, you've built a cohesive sound throughout your registers, developed great tone quality, control, power, yada yada yada... Now what? Are you really ready to put yourself in front of directors and casting agents in musical theatre auditions? Well, that all depends on the songs you have chosen for your "book".  

8 Tips for Successful Singer-Actor Auditions

For anyone in the business that is "show", auditions are an ugly necessity of life. We'd all like to think that one day, we'll be so well known that auditions are no longer needed, but for the 99.9% of working actors who tread the boards, auditions are here to stay.  Here are a few tips to help make them less painful, and ultimately, more successful.  

Helpful Tips for Singers

How to Prepare Your Sheet Music for Auditions

For musical theatre auditions, singers are usually asked to bring 16- or 32- bar (measure) cuts, rather than entire songs. The more easily readable your music is for the accompanist, the less likely you are to have any unfortunate upsets coming from the piano which might throw you off.  Having played for auditions myself, I have been amazed at how many singers bring sheet music that is poorly marked or incorrectly prepared to professional auditions. Here are a few tips to help you prepare your sheet music appropriately.  
Ok, so you didn’t take music theory in high school or college, and you didn’t grow up learning to play an instrument. You can sing anything, but you feel awkward and ill-prepared when you get a gig where everyone else is a “real musician”.

7 Must-Have Music Theory Shortcuts for Singers

Don’t give up! Here are some tips – some music theory “shortcuts” – that can help you get by without giving yourself away.

How to Dress for Auditions and On-Stage Performances

With all eyes on The Royal Wedding - an event of world-class celebrity fashion - it seems “fitting” to discuss the guidelines for “what to wear” for auditions and on-stage appearances. It's always been my observation that the British never fail to wow the world with breathtaking gowns and formal suits that rival any Hollywood red carpet event. Why?

Helpful Tips