Single Lessons
30-minute lesson = $50
45-minute lesson = $75
60-minute lesson = $90
Single Lessons *
30-minute lesson = $65
45-minute lesson = $95
60-minute lesson = $120
*Rates may vary slightly based on location and travel distance
These are our standard tuition rates.   However, since our teachers are independent,  some do charge slightly different amounts.  



Monthly tuition is due in advance (at the end of each month) for the upcoming month.  Payments may be made in cash or by personal check, payable to your instructor, by credit card or Paypal.   Tuition is non-refundable.


Consistency is very important in the study of music.  Regular attendance at your weekly lessons and practicing between lessons is crucial to your development as an artist.  We require a minimum of 24-hours’ notice to cancel lessons.  If less than 24-hours’ notice is provided, students will be charged for the missed lesson.


In consideration for the instructor and others, students should not attend lessons when ill.  Please notify your instructor as early as possible if you must miss a lesson due to illness.  24-hours’ notice is preferable, but when this is not possible due to sudden onset of illness, please call first thing in the morning on the day of your lesson if you must cancel.


A minimum of two-weeks’ notice is required to discontinue regular lessons.  If less than two weeks’ notice is given, the student will be charged the tuition fee for two additional lessons.  Tuition fees are non-refundable.


Voice students should bring a 3-ring binder, a pencil, and either a recording device or some medium to which a recording can be transferred (blank CD, thumb drive, etc.) with them to each lesson.  Your instructor will give you music and study materials to keep in your binder, and will make a recording of your vocal exercises and songs during your lesson.  These are your best tools to use for practicing between lessons.

Instrumental students will be issued books, which are yours to keep.  The cost of these books will be added to your tuition.  Please bring your music books to each lesson.


The following holidays are observed.  Students will not be scheduled or charged for lessons on these days.
          ●  New Year’s Eve                             ●  Memorial Day                                ●  Thanksgiving Day
          ●  New Year's Day                            ●  Independence Day                      ●  Christmas Eve
          ●  Easter Sunday                                ●  Labor Day                                         ●  Christmas Day


Students and parents are asked to understand that, because all of the instructors continue to be active performers, occasionally scheduling conflicts arise, making it necessary to re-schedule or suspend lessons for a short time.  In these cases, ample notice will be provided, and every effort will be made to reschedule the lesson.  Students will not be charged for lessons canceled by instructors.

Package of 4 lessons
30-minute lessons = $180
45-minute lessons = $265
60-minute lessons = $298

LIVE Online  or In our Studios                                                In Student's Home

Package of 4 lessons *
30-minute lessons = $234
45-minute lessons = $323
60-minute lessons = $398

Studio Policies

Weekly lessons are essential for building solid technique and developing good musicianship with the benefit of your trusted instructor to guide you.  

For very young students, we recommend starting with 30-minute lessons.  45-minute lessons are good for older kids and "tweens". For adults and teens, 60-minute lessons are best.  

LIVE Online lessons are taught via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime



Rates for Private Lessons