We offer voice lessons tailored to meet your personal vocal needs. All styles and experience levels welcome, from beginners to professionals.

Our voice teachers are experts in solid, scientifically based classical vocal technique - including breath support & management, healthy belting, vocal mix, chest voice, head voice, vibrato control, phonation, resonance, projection and diction.

Our Voice Teachers

Whether for your own enjoyment, or for a professional career in music, public speaking, or acting, we can help you find your true voice and show you how to improve your singing and speaking ability through scientifically proven techniques.

Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching Sessions are available on an individual or group basis (see Group Voice Lessons).

• Learn effective techniques to achieve a unity of tone & power throughout the entire voice, avoiding the vocal “breaks” so commonly heard in untrained singers.

• Build your “legit” voice, develop a strong belt voice the healthy way, and increase your vocal range & power.

• Learn to project a clear and pleasant singing and speaking voice with proper breath support, proper phonation and balanced resonance.

• Eliminate the danger of vocal strain and damage, and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy singing & speaking.

• Discover the various colors of your voice, and build your repertoire of music from all periods and styles.

• Learn successful audition techniques and work out material with a vocal coach to prepare for auditions or performances.

• Study dialects for singing, acting, and public speaking.

Dr. Barbara Dyer (Torrance, CA & Online)

Suzanne Lukather (Orange Heights, Pasadena, CA & Online)  
Lori Moran (Orlando, FL & Online)
Diana Walker-Neve (Online)
Steve Teague (Hollywood, CA & Online)

Voice Lessons

Want to come back to singing in the studio?  Try "The Singer's Mask",  available online from the Broadway Relief Project.

For anyone serious about singing, but concerned about COVID-19, we welcome you to use these in your lessons.  Our voice teachers are prepared to use these for your lessons, should you wish to return to the studio.